Businesses that have C&RS with BB&N

BTEKS Welcomes any and all businesses that choose to capitalize on this extremely sophisticated system for organizing your business daily schedule. Your customers will thank you for opting to make your schedule available for them to view on-line. 

             If you point customers to your C&RS System,,,, in time, your primary schedule will be your on-line C&RS, allowing you to better manage your daily, weekly and monthly availability as well as allowing your customers to take more of an interactive approach to scheduling their desired schedule requests.
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Request a Reservations with:
Batiste Technical Services, LLC

P.O. Box 1418
Jacksonville, NC 28540-1418
Office: (910) 353-5931
Mobile: (910) 340-7744

Request a reservation with:
Marie's Cleaning
& Janitorial Services
204 Custer Place
Newport News, V. A. 23608
Office Telephone # (757) 319-2595
Mobile Telephone # (757) 319-2955
Email Address:
Bonner Jenkins Neurology
4949 Brain Drive
Concussion, LA 29929
Sensational Tanns
798917 Sunset Drive
Believe Me Drive, CA16161

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BTEKS realize that this is something new, fortunate for your business, BTEKS is offering a Calendar & Reservation System for any and all businesses that may have a need to bring on-line organization to their business. 

                 C&RS Features:

  ~On-Line Calendar Display ===>
  ~Un-Limited Forward Selections

  ~Company Name/Business Name Displayed
  ~Individual Employee Pull down Allowing
         Individual & Independent C&RS
                for Multiple Employee

  ~Scrolling Time Selection Area with Company
   and or Individual Employee Name Displayed

  ~Color Coded Calendar & Scrolling Time Display
  ~ Scheduled Reservation Indication
   ~ Schedule Reservation Request Pending
  ~ Time Slot Blocked for that specific slot
  ~Customer Interaction Area


   Additional Features Calendar & Reservation Features

Reservation Review/Approval and Confirmation ~ Allows the Owner/Manager review all current reservation requests, approve or deny current requests, and forward a automatic email response to the reservation requester via the email address supplied.

Reservation Scheduling and Editing ~ Allows the Owner/Manager or employee to schedule reservations from call-ins or edit current reservations.

Reservation Administrative Functions ~ Allows Owner/Manager to review total reservation pending approval, total reservations approved, and total number of reservations based on a selected time line.



For Businesses interested in adding BTEKS Calendar & Reservation System to your existing
or perhaps add a box to this page, contact BTEKS.

Contact Batiste Technical Services LLC if you have any questions 
  P.O. Box 1418, Jacksonville, NC 28540-1418                   Mobile: 910-340-7744              Desk: 910-353-5931