Welcome to BTEKS Barber Shop, where every
   Cut is a Greate Cut, come on and have a Seat,
Let the Pro's do their JOB

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BTEKS Barber Shop Experience: We believe in not only providing our customers with a great cut, we also believe in providing a entertaining environment.

Our Hair Doctors travel around the world, learning different Hair Cutting Styles such as, The 5 Clippers Fade Technique.

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BTEKS Barber Shop provides wifi access , and a huge database of music that creates a wonderful upbeat environment. check out the extensive list of music we are talking music that span 5 decades baby, so stop by and enjoy.
Some of what we do in the shop,,, below;

BTEKS owner history: More than 20 years of mastering the art of cutting hair, with 2 years in Japan, 3 years in Europe and the last 15 years, right here in my shop.

Young ones
require special attention and special time.

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Razor Edge Ups Technique,
Technique, Technique!!!

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Cut and Finish: relax with a hot face towel, mas- saging hair wash, cut & finis;

Shave: A daily routine becomes a luxurious, rejuvenating experience with our hot lather shave;

Hair Coloring: Maintain your natural color or add some highlights. We'll give you the look you want.

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