Welcome To BTEKS Barber Shop, where every
     Cut Is a Great Cut.  Come on in and have a
seat, let The Pros do their Job.

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BTEKS Barber Shop Pros are top notch, all with many years of expertise. If your not satisfied with your cut,,,, IT'S FREe and we will pay for your next cut.

Service Name


$ 23.00

$ 5.00

$ 2.00

$ 7.50

$ 2.90

$ 23.75

$ 45.50

Instruments that I am an expert in using are these, A pair of Scisors and a comb. There are many types and kinds, but, these are what make me dangerous.

The essence of the sign of a location that provides hair design services is the Hair Cutter's Emblem.

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BTEKS Services Philosophy is the total focus on the customer's experience when they enter the threshold of our establishment. The Pros, the sound and the convenience is what we focus on. Your satisfaction is Priority 1.