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The Maitre dies of the Week

21 aug 2010
Gino Suskatchagraski, a master in the art of cut creations and head art, hails from a small country in the southern parts of Columbia.

26 aug 2010
Lawan Jones, the perfectionist, perhaps its the "architecture" background that resides in his heart.

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BTEKS Barber Shop caters to events such as Weddings, Parties, Family Reunions, and other special occasions that may require exclusive reservations for hair services, examples :The Kill Patrick Wedding and Reception. We can provide on site hair care services, meaning, we bring the clippers to you to ensure that your hair has a fresh slice and dice and not a granule out of place,,,, NICE.

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Hair Designer of the Week Martha have been on a role, can you say, 200 cuts this month,,, you go girl.