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Contact us to support you for any and all major events that take place in your life:

We Come To You

We Bring a staff of Barbers to your event

We Bring all required Barber equipment to your event

We Bring Our Skills and our Expertise to your event

Provide Us with your event info:
Number of people needing our Mobile Barber Services
Time and Date you need our Mobile Team
The amount of time that we have to work with

BTEKS Barber Shop Event Services is flexible enough to adjust to any condition or scenario, give us a call, let us discuss your specifics, and from there, we can design a plan that will meet all your needs.

BTEKS Barber Shop offers a Calendar & Reservation System that allows us to schedule and plan any type of event far into the future. Use BTEKS Barber Shop's Calendar & Scheduling System to request the dates and times of your event/s.

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BTEKS Barber Shop staff take all events extremely seriously,meaning, it's our responsibility to ensure that we provide the utmost in service satisfaction.

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Request a Reservation use the calendar & reservation system to get the show started, submit a request, provide us with a brief description, and we will take it from there.